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At Crown Imaging, our commitment to provide our patients with a safe environment has taken on a much higher focus.  Our medical staff came together as a determined team and developed additional preventative steps to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

We have the advantage of being in a small private office setting, away from the risk associated with crowded, hospital-based imaging centers.  

To protect our patients and staff, we are taking additional screening steps which may require added time to schedule patientsOur preventative steps begin with a complete pre-screening of all patients at the time of scheduling. All individuals who enter our facility are re-screened upon arrival for fever and other symptoms. Any individuals who are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to any persons known to have Coronavirus (COVID-19) are being advised to contact their primary care physician and once cleared, will be scheduled. 

We are asking individuals waiting on their loved ones to wait in their car to allow for social distancing in the office and to not unnecessarily expose anyone. In addition, hand sanitizer and germicidal wipes are available in each room. 

All treatment areas are disinfected by the medical staff after every patient according to CDC guidelines.  Non-treatment areas are continually being disinfected throughout the day, including chairs, counter tops, doorknobs and all surfaces.   

Together, we can work together to help protect patients, staff and our community.  Please be patient with us as we cautiously and carefully give each patient the protection they need during this time.  With God all things are possible.  We pray safety and blessing over you and your staff. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

The Owners of Crown Imaging,  

Barbra & C. Colin Berry