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What To Expect

We at Crown Imaging are committed to your visit with us being the best experience possible. It will help if you know what to expect. In the sections below you can find out more about your upcoming visit.

For more information see the sections below or call our Scheduling specialists at 972-759-5140.


Much preparation precedes your appointment day.

Your preparation may include: re-setting schedules, adjusting your medications, tracking down films from previous exams, arranging for someone to drive you home, and may even include a short fast prior to coming in!

Our preparation includes: a complete review of your insurance benefits, tracking down your previous films, verifying the safety of any implants you have, our Paramedic’s review of your medications, conferring with your referring physician - and more! Therefore, you can expect our staff to have necessary discussions with you by phone before your appointment day arrives.


By completing your paperwork before your appointment, you can speed up your check-in process on the appointment day, shortening the time you are here.

You may complete and print the form to bring with you to your appointment or send it to us by fax or by e-mail. Completing your form ahead will allow you to arrive at our office closer to your actual scan time.

Let the Scheduling Staff know you plan on bringing your completed paperwork with you or sending it prior to your visit and they will give you an updated arrival time.

If you have questions, call our office at 972-759-51490 or click here for an email response from our Scheduling Staff.

What To Wear

One way to improve your visit with us is to come in comfortable clothing that will allow you to skip the ‘GOWN’.

Although our gowns are not flimsy like the hospital gown, they do still tie in the back. We do offer patients 2 gowns to wear (one on front - one on backwards) to cover everything.

But in MOST cases, you can skip this wardrobe change by following this guide:

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing without buttons, zippers, or closures. Avoid under-wire bras, girdles, metal snaps and pins. Instead, wear athletic shorts or sweat pants and tee shirt. No sequined gowns, please. And another tip - leave all valuable items at home, such as extra jewelry. (You can wear your wedding ring - but your Rolex won’t survive the MRI). We do provide a locker for your items while you are being scanned and you keep the key with you.

The only exception to this is for procedures like Myelograms, Arthrograms, Discograms, etc. These medical procedures require more access and therefore a gown is the solution. In these cases, you are required to have a driver - who can keep up with your valuables. When your procedure is completed, a private area is provided for your recovery, where you will be monitored by our Paramedics.