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What you want. When you want it.

We understand the challenges of running a practice without the unlimited staff of a hospital. And we understand the needs of our referring physicians & staff for its imaging patients.

We are a family-owned center - not associated with a hospital or physician group - that offers a personal touch as a professional extension of your office for the patients you send.

All the major modalities for all your imaging needs are conveniently located in our 10,000 sq ft facility across from Presby-Dallas Hospital.

What else would you like?

Same day appointments?

STAT report or STAT verbal call from an ONSITE radiologist?

Online access to images & reports available anywhere on any computer/device?

Reports from LOCAL sub-specialty radiologists you can trust?

After-hours access to a LIVE Staff person for reports or other information?

Handle your Pre-Certification for you?

Notification of when a patient completes or misses their appointment?

To be called about any issue BEFORE the patient contacts your office?

Most aggressive CASH pricing in the area?

Seasoned technologists that make the patient comfortable & get the scan right the first time?

EMT Paramedics to pre-screen patients & the skill to comfortably place IVs?

Committed Staff who treats your patients like family?

Knowing each patient’s experience is an extension of your practice - you sent them here - our Staff is making sure their experience will be the best they have had. Being privately owned means we can and will surpass your expectations.

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