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Reports and Films

Reports and Films

Request A Report

Reports should be sent to your office within 24 hours – unless you requested it to be STAT or STAT Verbal.

A STAT report. The Radiologist should have that report to you within 4 hours after the patient has completed their exam.

A STAT Verbal report. The Radiologist should call you within 2 hours of the completed exam time. (please make sure you include an AFTER HOURS number on your script)

To REQUEST a copy of your patient’s REPORT – click here to send an email to the Reports person or call 972.759.5140. For STAT reports, please call the office.

For AFTER HOURS requests, call the office main number (972.759.5140) and your call will be forwarded to a LIVE Crown Staff person who can respond to your needs. Just follow the prompts on the phone by pressing 6 during the main greeting to be connected to the cell phone of the Crown Staff covering calls. If you get a message, be sure to leave your number and they will call you right back. (The forwarded call will show the office number, not the number you are calling from).

View Patient Films

You can view your Patients’ images and Reports ONLINE at any time via an online portal available on almost any device or computer – anywhere you have Internet access. With the same full function controls used by the Radiologists, you have capability to review any case at any time – with the Report attached.

If you already have a LOGIN, click here to view your patients’ images.

To request a login, click here 

Film Requests

You have the option to receive a CD of your patient’s images any time you need them - either delivered by our Courier, given to the patient to bring with them, or you can VIEW them ONLINE.

To REQUEST a CD – click here to send an email to the Films person or call 972.759.5140 and ask for FILMS. Our Courier can deliver them the same day if needed.