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Do you take my Insurance?

Yes. Crown takes all insurances.

My insurance has a HIGH deductible. Can I pay CASH for my exam instead of using my insurance?

Yes! Many plans today have HIGH deductibles. You can choose to pay cash for your scan and not file with insurance, potentially saving you money. Our Insurance Specialist can review your plan and explain all your options. Follow this link to contact her.

I don’t have insurance. What are my options?

Click here to learn about the different options we offer.

I have Medicare coverage. Do you take it?

Yes! Crown accepts all Medicare plans and secondary plans you have. For questions, call our Insurance Specialist at 972-759-5140.

I have more than one insurance provider, How does that work?

We will coordinate your benefits between all your insurance plans. For questions, call our Insurance Specialist

What will you be doing during my scan?

Click here to learn more.

How long will I be there for my scan?

Our team is very efficient, but times vary greatly by scan type.

What happens after my exam?

Depending on your exam, right after your scan you may have special instructions to follow. The Technologist or Paramedic will go over these before you leave. For information on what happens after your exam, click here.

Can I get a copy of my films?

Yes. For a small fee you can request a CD when you check in and it will be ready for you when you leave.

Can I get a copy of my report?

Your doctor ordered your scan and the report is automatically sent to his office once the radiologist reads it. On your follow up visit, he will review the findings with you, at which time you may request a copy from your doctor.

I work and it is difficult for me to take off. Are you open late or on weekends?

Crown offers flexible hours for its patients from 7am to 6pm Monday through Thursday and until 5 on Friday. Due to restrictions from ACR that now require on-site Radiologists, we have no weekend hours at this time.

I am claustrophobic. What options do you have for me?

Our trained staff has successfully helped many claustrophobic patients complete their exam. Tell the Scheduling Staff of your need when they call. For more information (link goes to Claustro section on MRI page)

I was told my scan is with contrast. What does that mean?

Contrast is a dye used to highlight certain tests.

Why can’t I eat before my exam?

Some tests require your scan area to be empty of food for a period of time before your test. The Scheduling or Paramedic Staff will tell you if you have to change anything prior to coming. (And the Paramedic Staff keeps snacks and water on hand if you need something to hold you over.)

I’m on medications. Is that a problem with my test?

Please inform the Scheduling Staff or Paramedic who calls you about any medications you are on. They will review each medication you are taking to determine if there are conflicts with your scan. If you have questions, please consult the doctor who referred you.

Directions to your office?

Click here for our address and directions.