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Nora M.

My oncology doctor routinely referred me to a hospital based imaging company. I had no idea I could make a choice to go elsewhere. I visited Crown Imaging one day and learned I could have my CAT Scan done at their facility and the cost would probably be less even with my insurance and the same hospital doctors read the images. I liked the facility so I decided that is where I would like to have my next CAT Scan done. When the time came to schedule I asked my doctor if I could use Crown Imaging and he said, “sure” and sent over the proper forms. The difference between the two facilities is as follows: Ease of access. There is no restricted hospital parking areas and parking is free. I did not have to remember to get stamps in order to exit and get free parking. I did not have to have the prescreening hospital call that takes about 15 minutes prior to booking an appointment. Upon my arrival the staff told me exactly when I would have the procedure, within minutes the nurse/tech had me in the back doing for my IV. This is the best part of the experience – usually this is the most painful part as they have trouble finding my veins and have to try many attempts. My arms have been black and blue in the past. One stick was all the Needle Man (Paramedic) needed. They then took me to an area with relaxing type lounge chairs, offered me magazines or turning the TV to the channel of my choice. They have a huge aquarium that makes a waterfall noise and it was very soothing as you wait for your procedure. Every staff person introduces themselves and had smiles on their face. My CAT Scan person brought me into the room within 10 minutes everything was done and I was ready to go. She made comments about my nail polish, which got us into a discussion of our favorite colors and helped me to relax. Everyone helped to make this a pleasant experience. Crown Imaging promises to treat you like royalty. They lived up to their promise.

Tony S.

I never felt so good about coming to see a doctor. Thank you so very much!

Mary S.

This place was awesome and the people were great!

Robert M.

Efficient, professional, nice, quick. All your staff are wonderful – very nice & attentive. I request for all my scans here. Thank you.

Glynda W.

My experience was cordial, professional and efficient. Thank you.

Annette E.

I had gotten lost in Dallas and the office talked through getting here and were very courteous, considering I got lost and was late.

Rosalea L.

Thank you for every part of my procedure. Drew (Paramedic) was an outstanding young man.

Celia T.

Walt (MRI Tech) is an amazing person and a great help!